After First State Approval, Mayor Says City Needs More Rail Trail Money

The city of Haverhill has received the first in a series of state approvals needed for a second phase of a planned rail trail on the Bradford side of the Merrimack River.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Monday notified the city its initial approval to use a portion of a former railroad bed east of the Basiliere Bridge that would extend a riverside trail to the Crescent Yacht Club, according to Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

“There is a long way to go—many more approvals and funding needed, but this first approval is critical to the next section of the rail trail,” Fiorentini said.

The city plans to start construction by summer on phase one of a riverbank trail on a former railroad bed off Middlesex Street “if all goes well.”

8 thoughts on “After First State Approval, Mayor Says City Needs More Rail Trail Money

  1. So lets sell the street sweepers, stop maintaining the playgrounds, take arts out of the schools and charge an arm and a leg for sports programs. That will raise some money for you. The rise in drug use usually coincides with loss of optimism in our youth. If you improve the quality of life for all, it takes some of the edge off of the hopelessness that some people feel when the take inventory on their situation.

    • That’s not what I am talking about, and you know it. I am saying that our elected officials should spend as much time and effort on the important things as they spend on the nice to have issues. How many young people are going to use the rail trails? Rise in drug use is because it feels good, and it is the in thing to do, not because there is a loss of optimism. The young people who use drugs haven’t even gotten that far as to have lost their sense of optimism.

      • So, you think that just because the rail trail is being funded that money is coming from efforts to curb drug use or law enforcement? I think that’s a stretch.

        • Drug use (of any kind) is a matter of supply & demand.

          I will agree with you on the issue of optimism of our youth – they have been sold out by their parents and grandparents, and especially our political establishment (of both Party’s).

  2. What you say about quality of life issues is accurate, BUT appears that our public officials spend more time on the easy to fix problems rather than attempting to resolve the REAL problems of The City of Haverhill. So, my vote still is to devote more effort on resolving the on-going real quality of life issues rather than the “nice to have.”

  3. C’mon guys, it’s true that there are other issues in the city. But, we do have to spend some energy on quality of life issues or life just gets damn depressing.

  4. When one stops to think about the Water Street trail —- is that REALLY important? This trail is less than a mile long and the sidewalk really does everything the Rail Trail would do.

    Too much time and effort spent on the non-essentials, and not enough thought given to the REALLY important issues such as those mentioned by Jack. One can also add the marijuana dispensary, the proposed 59 unit building on Water Street, the budget, the school system, the list goes on and on. Come on guys and gals, let’s think about the issues that are IMPORTANT in the city, not just the “nice to have” stuff.

  5. Interesting. We have a heroin epidemic going on and you would think that the priority would be more cops on the street. Nope. Or maybe a new fire truck since some of ours are over 30 years old. Nope. Maybe a couple of new plow trucks for next winter. Nope. Since the parking plan is still in the “RED”, charge more money to those you want to come downtown but don;t touch that rail trail…it is very important I Guess.