Groveland Donates Firefighting Gear Through Haverhill Charity

The Groveland fire department is donating retired firefighting gear to the Dominican Republic through a Haverhill-based charity.

Members of the Groveland Fire Department have chosen to donate their retired fire gear to Organizacion Dominicana De Recursos Internacionales Inc. (ODRI), a Haverhill-based charity that sends medical, fire and rescue equipment to first responders in the Dominican Republic. The used gear will be sent to rural fire departments where “firefighters often respond to emergencies without boots or helmets.”

“I am proud of our firefighters for allowing their retired gear to live on with their brother and sister firefighters in the Dominican Republic,” Groveland Fire Chief Robert B. Lay said. “The Groveland Fire Department is happy to help our fellow first responders.”

“ODRI is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to direct resources to communities and people in need. In the past they have sent ambulances, fire trucks, medical equipment and supplies, school supplies and sport equipment to various community groups. They also send a group of volunteers to the Dominican every July to work in the community by planting trees, doing training on emergency medicine and distributing toys and sporting goods to children,” a spokesperson said.

“I want to say thank you to Chief Robert B. Lay for contacting us and for his generosity to help us continue the mission to help others in need. This wonderful donation is a treasure,” said Orlando Vargas, President of ODRI. “This donation is very well-appreciated and would be distributed to different fire stations throughout the Dominican Republic.”

According to a statement, there are about 150 fire departments In the Dominican Republic, and many have limited equipment to work with, including many fire departments which do not have fire trucks or ambulances.

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