Woolworth Building Disappears This Week

The former Woolworth building in downtown Haverhill will become all but a memory by later this week as demolition is well under way to make room for the new Harbor Place development project.

According to Haverhill Economic Development and Planning Director William Pillsbury, demolition work on Tuesday and Wednesday will bring traffic restrictions near the site, subject to police department approval. Plans call for Merrimack Street to remain open. However, the right hand turning lane from Merrimack Street onto the Basiliere Bridge will be closed and the travel lane over the bridge toward Bradford will be shifted one lane away from the building.

“Traffic in both directions on Merrimack Street will not be shut down although there will be additional congestion due to the turning lane and bridge lane restrictions. The purpose of these temporary changes are for public safety during the removal of the remainder of the Woolworth building,” Pillsbury said.

Observers report demolition work to the former Woolworth building began late last week from the rear sections and progressed toward the frontage on White’s Corner, the intersection of Merrimack and Main Streets.

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