Haverhill Teachers Wear Blue to Raise Scholarship Funds

Haverhill teachers will wear blue Thursday, April 2, as part of a final push for scholarship contributions.

The Haverhill Education Association calls the day “Code Blue,” and plans to use money collected to award a college-bound graduate of Haverhill High School the union’s annual scholarship. Eligible students are those who have been educated by Haverhill teachers from grades five through 12.

“These applicants, many of whom started in Haverhill schools even before then, are the truest representation of what Haverhill’s teachers do for our students. Often they credit a favorite teacher or a particular experience as a shaping influence in their chosen college or degree. Whether or not they are the student ultimately chosen for the prize, all qualified applicants are proof of the commitment Haverhill’s teachers have made to our students in classroom after classroom, year after year,” said an announcement in the association’s March newsletter.

For more information, contact Anthony Parolisi at [email protected].