More Harbor Place Demolition May Require Street Closures

As downtown demolition continues this weekend, officials warn motorists to expect intermittent Merrimack Street closures.

Removal of buildings on the south side of Merrimack Street will prompt limited, but not total, shutdowns of Merrimack Street Saturday. If necessary, a full shutdown of that portion of the street could occur on Sunday, said Economic Development and Planning Director William Pillsbury.

The site of the former Woolworth’s Department store is proposed to house UMass Lowell, Pentucket Bank offices, retail or restaurant space, 148 spaces of underground parking, a public plaza, outdoor dining areas and a 475-foot publicly accessible boardwalk. Adjoining space will be used to construct 80 units of housing. Together, the project has been dubbed Harbor Place.”

A schedule released by Dellbrook Construction, Braintree, calls for demolition Saturday and Sunday to buildings at 22-32 Merrimack Street.

Saturday, the east bound lane of Merrimack Street will be closed. There may be short periods were the entire road is closed as equipment approaches Merrimack street with demolition. Road closures will be limited to short periods of time. Saturday’s lane restriction, rather than road closure, will permit access to the drive thru window at the Pentucket Bank and the other businesses located on Merrimack street, according to officials.

According to Delllbrook, plans include the closure of Merrimack street in its entirety from number 68 to Main Street on Sunday if required. “We plan to complete demolition on Saturday using Sunday as an alternate demo day if required,” a Dellbrook spokesperson said.

“Demolition of Woolworth’s is planned to be completed over normal business hours,” a spokesperson said.

One thought on “More Harbor Place Demolition May Require Street Closures

  1. Sad Sad day in a way. What was is no more and never will be again. The life we lived can never be understood when those things that made it so rich and so good are gone forever. We must learn to live with the change. move to the future, but we can never forget.