Guess the President Tonight Over WHAV

In observance of Presidents’ Day, WHAV tonight presents four episodes of the series, “Mr. President,” with actor Edward Arnold.

In place of the Open Mike Show tonight, “Mr. President” tells the story of four American presidents with a twist. Each segment is written so as not to reveal the name of the president until the last line of dialog. Listeners are encouraged to guess, from the plot of the episode, which president is delivering dialog.

The series was created for ABC radio during the late 1940s and early 1950s by Robert G. Jennings. Writers include Jean Holloway, Bernard Dougall and Ira Marion. Segements are produced and directed by Dick Woolen.

Besides Arnold, supporting performances are provided by Bea Benaderet, Gil Stratton, Hans Conreid, Lurene Tuttle and Herb Butterfield. The announcer is Owen James.