Sorry Kids; Schools Reopen in Haverhill

Haverhill schools are open today after being closed for six days due to snow.

Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent James F. Scully made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. Schools first closed Tuesday, Jan. 26, when a blizzard left 25 inches of snow in Haverhill. The difficulties of cleanup, coupled with two additional storms, kept schools closed for another five days.

Scully thanked parents, students and staff for their patience and cooperation, and said he looks forward to welcoming everyone back, according to a statement from the school department.

Meanwhile, classes are also set to resume Wednesday at other school districts, including Whittier Regional Technical High School. However, Pentucket Regional High School, West Newbury, will remain closed on Wednesday due to ongoing repairs to a broken water main connection to the building.

Snow removal efforts in the city of Haverhill are ongoing and “are expected to take several week to complete,” according to the Haverhill Highway Department.