Nicholas R. ‘Nick’ Covino, 29, Heroin Overdose Victim

Nicholas R. “Nick” Covino, 29, of Boxford and Magnolia, passed away Monday, Jan. 12.

He was the son of Maurice and Donna (Redington) Covino and brother of Liz Covino of Madison Wisc. Last week, Covino’s father made public his son’s drug addiction.

“My son, Nick, passed away last night after a heroic struggle with heroin. Like many kids his age he and his friends raided medicine cabinets for recreational use. Unfortunately, at that time, many homes had oxycontin hanging around. Because of the addictive capacity of this drug there was a major crackdown on even the legal use, and after being addicted, many young people turned to heroin as a cheap substitute. Nick was my hero because after many years of substance abuse he found the strength to turn his life around; he was happy, successful, and feeling good about himself for the first time in years.”

“Its ironic but a recovering addict will often OD when they’re doing their best. Again, I want people to know how proud we were of our wonderful son,” Maurice Covino said.

Covino had been working for the past year as a construction site superintendent for the Village at Magnolia Shores. He rose quickly in his company from day laborer to superintendent, recently passing an arduous exam to attain his construction license.

Contributions in his name may be made to Grace Ministries International RFD #1 route 125, Brentwood NH, 03833 or, “in memory of Nick Covino” to Baldpate Hospital, 83 Baldpate Road, Georgetown, MA 01833. At the request of his family, services will be private.