Haverhill’s Channel 22 Receives Static from City Officials

Haverhill Community Television Executive Director Darlene Beal.

Haverhill Community Television has ejected the city’s representative to its board and changed its bylaws to prevent his reappointment.

Stanley W. Colten, appointed by Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, was recently removed from the public access station’s board of directors after a reported bylaw change. He appears on WHAV’s Open Mike Show with Tim Coco, tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Tomorrow night, Haverhill City Councilor Melinda Barrett has asked for a discussion of the matter. She told WHAV Monday her concern is not just that Colten was removed, but also the city is barred from ever having a representative sit on the group’s board. The city has an interest, she said, considering the television group receives more than $800,000 as a result of the city’s contract with Comcast.

“They derive almost all of their income from the citizens of the city,” Barrett said.

Besides knocking out the city, the group’s new bylaws also reportedly strikes out representatives from Northern Essex Community College and Haverhill Public Library. Fiorentini told WHAV he has asked for a copy of the new bylaws or other documentation, but has received no response.


Besides Channel 22, Haverhill Community Television also operates the city’s education and government channels.