City Expects to Name Landfill Solar Developer Next Month

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Bids are in to construct a solar farm at the city’s former landfill on Old Groveland Road.

Orlando Pacheco, purchasing agent and energy manager, said nine bids were received for the “solar redevelopment” project. Mayor James J. Fiorentini is expected to select a contractor next month, he added.

“The one selected will be the most advantageous and feasible proposal to the city,” Pacheco told WHAV Monday. While all responses were qualified, he said, one firm has local ties and submitted “a strong proposal.” “The benefits are three-fold—reduced electricity costs for the city, leasing income and PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) payments.”

The landfill project includes a power purchase agreement, requiring Haverhill City Council approval.

Project Away From Cleanup Area

Installation of solar panels at the landfill will not impact ongoing remediation work there, Pacheco said. Plans do not impact the north mound, which is scheduled next for capping.

Pacheco also shed some light on claims raised by Haverhill Paperboard developer Brian Wilson, president of Pentucket LLC. In October, Wilson complained the city has rebuffed a proposal by Dynamic Energy to build a solar farm that would supply energy to city’s wastewater treatment plant. Pacheco said the city “can’t enter into any other agreements until we figure out how much energy the landfill project will generate.” He explained Massachusetts law limits the city to a 10 megawatt energy purchase cap.

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