Colby-Campbell’s Winnekenni Photo Up For Award

A photograph of Haverhill’s Winnekenni Castle has been nominated for Essex National Heritage Area’s People’s Choice Award.

Alison Colby-Campbell, who maintains the “Heartbeat of Haverhill” blog, submitted the photograph. It features an unusual view of the castle in autumn with clouds overhead. To win the contest, the photograph must win the most “Likes” on Facebook by Friday afternoon at 3:30.

“I decided that, in my own little personal crusade to make Haverhill a positive image as often as I can, I would only offer pictures from Haverhill,” Colby-Campbell told WHAV. I limited myself to what I had taken for Heartbeat of Haverhill and others. To “Like” the photograph, click here.

Colby-Campbell also submitted photographs in song-themed categories. She submitted an autumn photograph of Plug Pond into “This Land Is Your Land,” one of the splash pad at Swasey’s Field in “Shiny Happy People” and one of the frozen Merrimack River in “Downtown.” Hers were the only Haverhill photographs submitted.

The photographer was also awarded First and Third Place in the 2014 Middleton Stream Team contest Sunday, Nov. 30. Middleton Stream Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the waterways and wetlands of Middleton, Mass.. and the Ipswich River.  Previously, she was named the grand prize winner at the Topsfield Fair photography contest.

3 thoughts on “Colby-Campbell’s Winnekenni Photo Up For Award

  1. Thank you for supporting my efforts to show the beauty of Haverhill to the outside world. One small correction: mine is the only Haverhill photo nominated for the People’s Choice category. It has not been disclosed what photos were submitted to the other categories. Thanks again.