Wood Shepherds Drug Abuse Battle in Schools

The Haverhill School Committee is supporting plans to battle what one committee member calls “the epidemic of heroin use in the City of Haverhill.”

The school committee unanimously passed three measures proposed by committee member Scott Wood. The first will create a position of a schools substance abuse counselor. According to Wood, this person “will be a resource for parents to call with concerns and someone students can go see if they need help without threat of punishment.”

A second measure passed by the committee will look to make changes to the health wellness program in the schools to address the issues and to add resources to better educate students. Third, there is a plan to invite various speakers, who have experienced addiction first hand, to meet with students.

“We as a school department are one piece of the pie, this requires the help of parents, law enforcement and the medical community. But (tonight) the message is clear, we are taking this problem seriously and are willing to do our part so that no young man or woman loses their life to this terrible addiction,” Wood said.

One thought on “Wood Shepherds Drug Abuse Battle in Schools

  1. I’ve lost To many people to this b.s. and it killing me I just want to say thank you to my friend Scott wood and I appreciate all that you are doing more then can say to others and I’m not assuming what happen to my brother Scott but I’m standing my ground not taking this any more my so and my son where close and after my brothers death it scared me thinking my son would have a relapse and I be visiting him he’ll NO my family is my life we need to kill this and help to destroy this please all help for the support of my brother his friends family’s mothers father’s