Two Boys Die in Early Morning Lawrence Fire

Photograph courtesy of Lawrence Police Department.

An early morning fire at a Lawrence triple-decker housing several families has turned tragic. Fire officials have confirmed two young boys, ages five and nine, died in the blaze which broke out at about 4 a.m., this morning at 30 Kingston Street in Lawrence.

Lawrence fire Chief John Marsh said a firefighter was injured in an attempt to reach the boys in a third floor room of the dwelling.

“They were able to make the third floor. They were not able to make it into the room. You might have the tanks and all that, but the human body only takes so much heat. That’s my way of explanation, certainly not an excuse. The guys did a good job. One of the gentlemen is in the hospital now because he injured himself in the attempt to get in the room,” Marsh said.

Thirteen other residents are displaced by the fire. The names of the boys were not immediately released.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation by the Lawrence fire department and the state fire marshal’s office.