Bathhouse Burned by Bomb Suspect Set for Repair

The Haverhill City Council talking renovations to a fire-damaged bath house behind Trinity Haverhill Stadium and a proposed expansion to a public way acceptance at Tuesday night’s regular meeting.

On the agenda, Mayor James J. Fiorentini requests to transfer $12,000 from general fund-capital reserves to capital account in order to replace six fire-damaged bathroom stalls at the Riverside Park bathhouse. They were damaged in a Sept. 2 attempt by a Haverhill man to set off an explosive behind Haverhill Stadium. According to Fiorentini, the repair project will include new stalls, flooring, sinks, toilets and walls.

Matthew Madden, 20, of Haverhill is facing multiple felony explosive device and arson related charges after he allegedly placed and ignited a homemade bomb loaded with shrapnel on top of the bathhouse off Lincoln Avenue. Police said the device caused the bathhouse to catch fire. No one was injured.

Also, a public hearing by the council is requested by developer RFACO LLC, to accept, as a public way, an addition to a previously accepted Riverdale Avenue Extension. According to city documents, a hearing is to be scheduled Dec. 9. RFACO manager Russell F. Ahern waives a 65-day hearing requirement. The proposal requests inclusion of two 20′ wide drainage easements previously reserved over one lot by the developer.

In other matters, Councilor Robert Scatamacchia requests discussion of the odor issue at the wastewater treatment plant caused by repairs made on two basins at the facility.

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in council chambers at Haverhill City Hall.