Stone(d)walled: Galvin Not Talking About Jajuga Pot Role

Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin still isn’t talking.

Galvin’s office has not answered questions about former Senator and Methuen City Councilor James P. Jajuga’s role in licensing a medical marijuana store in Haverhill. Last week, a WHAV News investigation revealed Jajuga was paid $66,5000 to warm city officials to the idea of endorsing Healthy Pharms’ application for Hale Street.

By law, Jajuga’s disclosure should have been filed during the first two weeks of January, but Galvin isn’t saying why a listing had not been posted by this spring when Healthy Pharms received a provisional license. Galvin’s lobbying division also has not said whether Jajuga had been compelled to make the filing after complaints were sent or whether he was fined or otherwise penalized.

Repeated calls to Galvin’s press staff have not been answered or returned since last week.

Fees for late disclosure statements are $50 per day up to the 20th day and an additional $100 per day for every day after the 20th day until the statement is filed.

It is not the first time Jajuga’s role as a lobbyist has raised questions. Jajuga reportedly helped clients of Crest Associates receive millions of dollars in state grants while serving as public safety secretary under Acting Governor Jane M. Swift. Jajuga was reported to have subsequently worked for Crest. The state Ethics Commission’s complaints regarding the grants were dismissed in 2008 because the statute of limitations had run out.

Jajuga also came under scrutiny when it was reported he spent $17,000 in anti-terrorism money to buy a 60-inch plasma screen television for his office.

The lobbyist also previously served as the paid president of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and a state police trooper.