Feds Ask Veterans for Feedback Sept. 23

Local Veterans, family members, the public, veteran service organizations and community partners are being asked to provide feedback on U.S. Veterans Administration operations and recommendations for VA programs.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Bedford VAMC, also known as Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, is hosting a town hall meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Bedford VAMC, Building 78 Theatre at 200 Springs Road, Bedford. VA is also inviting members of congress and non-governmental organizations. Additionally, there will be on the spot Veteran enrollment for VA Healthcare.

For those unable to attend, there will be a town hall booth Sept. 23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Stand Down in Haverhill’s Northeast Outreach Center, 10 Reed Street, Haverhill.

8 thoughts on “Feds Ask Veterans for Feedback Sept. 23

  1. The BVA remanded my case back to the RO in March – I have been in this cycle for 10 years – hardly expeditious – and now EBenefits still says – “Your case has been received at BVA, and BVA has mailed your decision to you (and your representative, if any) and will be returning your claims file to the Regional Office. Please note that transit times vary, and there may be some lag time between when BVA forwards your claims file to its appropriate location and when that location receives it. ” And they still cannot tell me where my records are right now.

  2. am quite sure that there most likely are lists that advise processors.
    who hold biases to deny those claims that they simply do not like and.
    know that since the Veteran has no real means to force a decision.
    through an outside and unbiased party they can get away with it forever –
    despite the fact that the right has covered condition – the VA knows.
    the Vet has no effective recourse.

  3. For one thing, I would like to see an examination and investigation of the docketing system as well vis-a-vis the official line regarding this – examine actual documents in the process and verify at what point they were assigned a docket number and how were they selected in the review process for the BVA’s examination and at what date and in what sequence.

  4. The VA knowingly treats Veterans with the same exact conditions and level of disability differently and has admitted as much – some get nothing some get an award of the benefits and within those who do get benefits – the amounts awarded may be entirely different.

  5. The Problem with the OIG inspecting the VA is that it is part of the VA.
    The OIG may be able to look at individual corruption effectively but it.
    cannot investigate systemic corruption, fraud, and inefficiencies for.
    it is not charged nor trained for such and since it is part of that.
    systemic corruption itself.

  6. Backlogs – VA – It is not the cavalcade of new applications that the VA.
    points to – it is the 1. NOD appeal to the BVA hearing – created by VA.
    policy of denying claims without cause 2. BVA decision takes 3 years or.
    more it then creates the 3. Remand to RO Backlog and the mostly endless.
    appeals/remand cycle 4. If the Vet is finally denied by the BVA then the.
    Vet restarts the claim or goes to the Court – the backlog here just.
    waiting for it to get to court is at least 4 years – then once the.
    decision is rendered again a long wait – often it is sent back to #3.
    and the process starts again.

  7. We need an EZ VA Form and Coverage Award Process – I am sure that the IRS does this. 1. Is claimed condition covered and has it been awarded to others for same condition? yes – go to #2

    2. Is there any evidence, diagnosis, comment, or other appropriate presumptive information concerning the condition in the claimants military records, military medical records or substantive evidence in later records to support the claim? yes – go to #3

    3. Can the VA prove that the condition pre-existed or was not caused or aggravated by Service? No – Award and Award the following Amounts based on the claimants condition and employability.


  8. Once in the appeals and remand cycle – one has no effective recourse – The BVA makes you wait at least a year or two to get to a Judge for the hearing of the appeal – then the judge goes away and reviews at least 3 years later before making a decision – in almost 50% of these reviews – they are seemingly auto remanded to the regional office – at this point the records may go dormant up to 2 and 1|2 years – then back to the RO for review at its leisure – no time constraints at all – then they intentionally make a mistake in the reply to the BVA – then wait a few more years and BVA sees the “mistakes” and then back to Regional office – and, the cycle repeats ad infinitum – if the final decision is rendered and you appeal to court – at least 4 years wait to get to the court – then the majority of time it is remanded again. Hence, de facto denial, even for covered conditions, then death.