Comcast Won’t Allow Customers to Pay; Suspends Services

Comcast got an early start on shutting off barely late accounts in poorer cities just before the long Labor Day weekend. Those who tried to pay online before the due date—and those rushing to pay and restore services—however, found Comcast’s online systems not working.

The telephone number Comcast listed for mobile telephone users also was inoperable for a time Friday. Listeners reported friends in affluent communities—but just as late making payments—were unaffected.

“I have been trying for days. Received a bill is overdue notice via e-mail today and clicked link but can’t login. I was online with two different customer service people and they think it is my computer.  Really I tried from home, work and cell and now I see I am not the only one,” one person wrote.

Some customers worry they will be charged late payment fees and reconnection charges even though they tried to pay. “They have better not charge late fees for their incompetence,” a subscriber posted on Comcast’s own online forum.

The problem is more acute for those who previously chose “paperless billing.”

“Can’t log in for weeks now. No paper bill to send payment in as well. Don’t know account because I don’t (have) a paper bill.  I would have sent in a check if I had the account number,” wrote another subscriber.

A spokesperson for Comcast could not be reached for comment.