Market Basket Workers Defy Order to Remove Posters

The group of Market Basket workers protesting the ouster of CEO Arthur T. Demoulas are calling for more signs and pictures at stores despite an order from current management for stores to remove protest-related materials.

The group, known as “Save Market Basket,” also objects to an order to remove signs requesting donations to a relief fund for company warehouse workers and truck drivers. The latest company directive calls on store directors to schedule all full-time associates to work on Monday, and have protest materials and any items blocking access to loading docks removed by then.

Meanwhile, on its Facebook page, “Save Market Basket” calls for donation buckets at store entrances and posting the address for mailing a check. They also want to make bumper stickers available to associates and customers, whether they are boycotting or shopping the aisles.

Donation checks, payable to “MB Whse and Truck Driver Fund”, may be sent to PO Box 751, Tewksbury MA 01876