Mass. & N.H. Attorneys General Warn Market Basket Chiefs

The attorneys general of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire are warning Market Basket management not to overlook the rights of workers.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and her N.H. counterpart Joseph Foster issued the warning today to Keith Cowan, Market Basket board chairman, and Co-Chief Executives James Gooch and Felicia Thorton.

“We urge Market Basket to be mindful of the fact that its decisions have broad implications. Your decisions of course directly impact thousands of employees and thousands of customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Those decisions also have serious implications for the many small businesses that supply your stores or otherwise rely on a close business relationship with Market Basket for their livelihood. Please keep all of these impacted persons in mind as you chart the course for Market Basket,” the joint letter stated.

The letter went on to point out any terminated Massachusetts workers must be paid all wages that are due immediately, while New Hampshire workers must be paid within 72 hours. Amounts due must include “any bonuses, earned sick time, holiday or vacation pay and benefit plan contributions due under any written or oral agreement.”

“These laws ensure timely payment of all wages and protect other workplace rights. We wish to remind you of your company’s obligations to workers whose employment may be terminated, whether or not a result of any restructuring or reorganization”

Read Full Letter: 235571747-Letter-to-DeMoulas-Super-Markets-from-N-H-Mass-Attorneys-General