Market Basket Workers Challenge Board Statement

Protest sign

Market Basket workers seeking Arthur T.’s reinstatement as CEO from the company’s board of directors are responding to the board’s latest statement about Arthur T.’s offer to buy out his rival relatives and company shareholders.

The group known as “Save Market Basket” is asking the board to clarify what alleged “problem” he has helped create, “other than a thriving, best in class business.”

The company’s board of directors issued a statement Tuesday saying Arthur T. is but one of several potential buyers for the Company who continue to express a strong interest in purchasing the Company. It mentions that ATD’s offer “provides a path toward solving many of the problems he has helped to create.” “Save Market Basket” contends the current “problems” facing the company are “the ongoing protests and boycotts brought on solely by the self-serving interests of Arthurs S. Demoulas and his Board.”