Tips Lead to Drug Arrests

Tips to Haverhill Police from residents lead to three drug arrests Wednesday at the Forest Acres apartment complex in Ward Hill.

A Police spokesman says concerned residents of the apartment complex notified police of what they believed was suspicious activity. The activity reported was that of a fellow resident who was often seen meeting people in a common parking area for very short periods. Police say the suspect resident would often enter a vehicle and then be driven around the block.

Haverhill Detectives conducted surveillance and arrested three people shortly before 2:30 p.m., Wednesday at 27 Forest Acres Drive. Police report Marv A. Torrisi, 34, of Haverhill was charged with possession of a class B drug, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and a school zone violation. Kamal Boothe, 31, of Haverhill was charged with distribution of a class B substance, subequent offense, as well as conspiracy to violate drug laws. He was also taken into custody on an outstanding warrant. The name of a third suspect was unavailable. Police say the class B substances are percocets, and that numerous pills and close to $1,200.00 was seized.