Haverhill Hospital Opens Farmers Market Tuesdays

Merrimack Valley Hospital

There’s an additional outlet for farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to promote healthy eating for people with chronic illnesses.

Haverhill’s Merrimack Valley Hospital announced it will be hosting a weekly farmers market from noon until 4 p.m., Tuesdays, beginning July 8 at the hospital campus. Merrimack Valley Hospital is also a sponsor of the Haverhill Farmers Market held on Saturdays next to police headquarters on Bailey Boulevard.

The hospital’s Parent company, Steward Health Care, has partnered with the Massachusetts Farmers Market Association to create the Merrimack Valley Hospital Farmers Market Voucher Program to help manage diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Those qualifying based on recommendations from participating Steward Health Care physicians will receive vouchers at one dollar per day, per household member. They can be redeemed at any farmers market in Massachusetts through October. EBT cards are also accepted at the hospital’s farmers market.