Hunking School Group to Remain Active

Video: June 10, 2014 Election Returns

The Hunking School debt exclusion election may be over for Haverhill voters, but it may not be the end for the school parents group which lobbied for its passage.

In an e-mail thanking supporters, the group Haverhill for Hunking, also known as Haverhill Citizens for School Success, says “Just because this election is over, doesn’t mean we are going anywhere. We know that there are other schools in Haverhill that need help. We are here for all of Haverhill’s children, all of Haverhill’s schools.”  However, after Tuesday’s passage of the Hunking Debt exclusion, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini spoke on WHAV’s “Hunking School-Yes or No” post-election show.

Fiorentini said he would not ask the voters for another debt exclusion on other school building projects.