Update: No Haverhill School Website Outage As City Hall Work is Delayed

Update: Mayor James J. Fiorentini says he has postponed planned City Hall electrical work for a week. Earlier Version: Parents making last minute checks before school starts are advised the Haverhill School Department may be down Saturday morning while electrical work is undertaken in City Hall. School Superintendent Margaret Marotta says any website interruptions would take place between 7 a.m. and no later than noon. The school website is at http://www.haverhill-ps.org/. The website for other city departments is not expected to be affected as the city uses a remote server.

Haverhill Forms Diversity Committee to Encourage Minority Teacher Recruitment: ‘We Need to Do Better’

Members of Haverhill’s Latino Coalition are among the locals cheering the recent formation of a Haverhill Public Schools’ Diversity Committee, created with the intention of encouraging minority teacher recruitment. The School Committee last Thursday voted unanimously to form a task force to hire educators of color, with members Scott W. Wood Jr., Gail M. Sullivan, Maura Ryan-Ciardiello and Richard J. Rosa among those taking the lead to do so. They’ll be joined by volunteers from the Latino Coalition and the Haverhill Education Coalition, along with other community members to draft a plan of action and report back to the School Committee within 90 days. Latino Coalition President Ismael Matias leaned on Wood to bring attention to the issue affecting 37 percent of city students. “We believe this diversity committee should and can make concrete plans to find and hire more qualified teachers of color, especially Latinos.

Haverhill’s Guertin Signs Two Additional Book Deals

Haverhill author and former Tilton School teacher Annemarie Riley Guertin has two additional book deals under her belt after signing on the dotted line with publishing company Familius, she tells WHAV. Christopher Robbins took on Guertin’s latest two picture books, “Finding Mr. Trunks”—a story about a stuffed animal lost at the airport—and “Thunderstormaestro,” in which a child learns not to fear thunderstorms, the educator says. Both are set for publication in 2021. The new books come 18 months after Guertin released her debut “How the Finch Got His Colors” in 2018. Her latest, “Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves,” based on Florence Holbrook's 1902 classic “Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter,” hits stores Sept.

Silver Hill Math Coach Donais Leaving Haverhill for Job in Amesbury

Silver Hill math coach Jennifer Donais is saying goodbye to Haverhill Public Schools. After 10 years in the city and two years at the Washington Street elementary school, Donais tells WHAV she has accepted a position at Amesbury Middle School, effective Aug. 26. In her new role as Amesbury Middle School’s math coach, Donais looks forward to reuniting with Haverhill’s former Assistant Superintendent Jared Fulgoni, who now heads Amesbury’s district as superintendent. “Taking risks and making changes can only help me become a better educator.

Pack Those Backpacks! Haverhill Schools Plan Open Houses Ahead of Aug. 27 Start Date

Haverhill Public Schools are gearing up for the start of the 2019-2020 school year, with open houses planned at each school before students start classes on Tuesday, Aug. 27. With classes starting later this month, the district—under the direction of Superintendent Margaret Marotta—hopes to reorient students and families by introducing them to school facilities, teachers, and class assignments. Students in grades 1-12 report to school on Tuesday, while kindergarteners report on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Free Breakfast, Lunch on the Way for All Haverhill Public Schools Students

When Haverhill students head back to class on Tuesday, Aug. 27, breakfast will be waiting for them before the very first bell. As WHAV previously reported over the last several months, the school department has finalized plans to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students at all schools across the city, Superintendent Margaret Marotta said. To encourage participation, food and beverage carts will make the rounds at the city’s elementary and middle schools for children to choose a healthy breakfast of their choice—cereal, fruit, granola bars, muffins and bagels are on the menu—each morning. Kiosks will be stationed at Haverhill High School’s entrance and throughout the building.

Fiorentini Pays Tribute to Late Haverhill Superintendent Buchanan: ‘A Good Man’

Mayor James J. Fiorentini and member of the Haverhill School Committee Thursday paid special tribute to the late Dr. Raleigh Buchanan, honoring his commitment to children days after his death July 26 at age 78. Pausing the meeting for a moment of silence, Fiorentini remembered the longtime North Carolina native as a “take charge” educator who came to Haverhill from Seekonk, Mass. in 2006. “Every day, every time I saw him, he talked about children and how much he loved them,” Fiorentini said. “He was a good teacher, a good superintendent and most importantly, he was a good man.”

Fiorentini said Buchanan—whose tenure as the city’s top education chief ran from 2006-2010—was instrumental in creating the Haverhill High School’s Classical Academy and played a pivotal role in high school repairs shortly after coming to Haverhill.

School Committee Approves Raising Haverhill Schools’ Minimum Wage to $12 Per Hour

Mayor James J. Fiorentini Thursday night implored the Haverhill School Committee to raise the minimum wage for nearly 450 school employees to $12 an hour, giving at least 35 workers a raise of $2.40 per hour. According to Fiorentini, 444 school workers—including bus monitors, cafeteria workers, after-school and summer-school instructors and supervisor, lifeguards, crossing guards, custodians and even some teachers—are impacted by the new pay structure. They had previously made $9.60, $10, $10.50 or $11.50 per hour. “I did this previously for city workers and frankly it’s overdue for school employees. These are exactly the people who need a little boost and I intend to lobby strongly on their behalf,” Fiorentini said.