Haverhill Groups Must Band Together and Promote the City

The citizens of Haverhill, city agencies and volunteer activists have been coming together to support the many cultural, educational, culinary and historical characteristics that make Haverhill the great city that we all love so much. As we all know, Haverhill has a lot to offer residents, visitors and potential home owners. As we continue to improve and increase the diversity of attractions, I think this is a great time to turn our attention to promoting ourselves in the Merrimack Valley, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the other nearby states within New England. But it will take a level of cooperation and consolidation of resources to deliver this message to other communities. For the most part large retail malls promote themselves as a collection of retailers under one banner, whether that be The Mall at Rockingham Park, The Burlington Mall, or the recently opened MarketStreet Lynnfield.

Don’t Forget Common Courtesies When Interacting with Others

I’m beginning to think people are slowly forgetting how to interact with others. Of course, there are those times around family and friends, or in workplace situations, where interacting with those around us is either pleasurable or necessary. But, outside of those two situations, I think we have gotten so self-reliant and self-absorbed that we have lost our way in other social situations. In this day and age, with our focus riveted to cell phone texting and tweets, phone calls in the middle of places that when they happen make a person look like they are talking to themselves, or our focus on the myriad of tasks we feel compelled to complete, we are tuning out the people whom we come in contact with in public places. And this has been going on for quite some time now.

‘Right to Work’ Law is Really Right to Work for Less

If you live in Massachusetts, a number of laws have been enacted and are enforced that benefit workers. Workers are fortunate that unions here have lead the way in securing a decent minimum wage, over time provisions, holidays, occupational safety laws and many more. Unions have been the reason why companies have had to include above average wage rates for members’ jobs,  rewards for their years of service in the form of seniority, paid benefits like health insurance, paid family leave, retirement plans and generous vacations. However, it is extremely difficult to get union representation in a workplace. In non-union workplaces, employees have had their hours cut back, pay raises denied or been terminated without cause because of their support of potential union representation.

Thoughts on Inequality, Stealing Tips and Healthcare

To understand how women must feel about wage inequality, imagine going into a coffee shop where there are two lines to place an order. A male business owner is in one line ordering a large coffee, a woman is in the other line ordering the same thing. The cashier rings up the orders, charging the guy $3.25 and the woman $2.50. I’m guessing the guy goes ballistic when he sees this happen. But some men who would react this way run firms that have no problem paying their female employees 25 percent less than their male employees to do the same job.

Voting Beyond the Ballot Box

Everyone can agree that the election process in our country needs a tune-up. Thousands of voters across the country gave up on waiting in long lines at the polls and walked away without voting. It’s on life support right now, as officials try to add technology to the process, in the hope of getting us to vote in the midst of longer work weeks, increasing obligations to our children and parents and the many other demands placed on our time. To expect voters to set aside a block of time on election day is a huge ask. Granted it shouldn’t be, but that’s the reality.

Are You That Person?

 Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes, actually, more often than not, some of us feel overwhelmed by the many challenges facing this great country of ours. Earning a living, raising a family, paying down college loans and caring for our parents as they age, can be enough of a challenge for almost all of us. While all of that weighs on our minds, major issues face all of us in the New Year. The ever-present specter of international conflict is taking place all over the world, with the deaths that mount and the refugee crisis that the conflicts create. High unemployment, racial and religious bigotry and unrealistic fears of terrorists confront migrants when they emigrate away places like the Middle East or Central America to countries like ours.

Price of Convenience is Higher than We Think!

It’s Monday morning, and after a great weekend, the first day of the work week is, as usual, a challenge in any number of ways. But in the self-service world we live in, there are any number of ways to expedite the day ahead of us. Even though our debit and credit cards can get the things we need, cash can sometimes be the only option. So we head to the nearest ATM for pocket money. We’ve run around the area over the weekend, so a trip to the gas station is in order.