Haverhill School Super Gets Contract Renewal, Raising Salary to Nearly $270K After 4 Years

Haverhill School Superintendent Margaret Marotta. (WHAV News photograph.)

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Haverhill School Committee members unanimously approved Superintendent Margaret Marotta’s contract renewal at its meeting last Thursday, giving her increases rising from $237,490 to $269,552 in 2027.

Committee negotiators said they altered the contract to more closely match teachers’ contracts, running four years instead of three. As of Monday’s start of the new budget year, the superintendent’s base salary is $223,000, plus $14,758 in an annuity and travel and telephone allowances and a 4% cost of living allowance of $8,920 for a total of $246,678. The stipends and allowances roll into her salary a year from now when Marotta’s base increases to $246,678 plus a 3% cost of living increase. The total compensation, with 3% cost of living increases, grows to $261,700 in the third year and $269,552 in the fourth.

Separately, the School Committee will review the superintendent’s evaluation at its next meeting and discuss Marotta’s performance during the most recent school year. The evaluation, based on a rubric provided by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, has no bearing on the superintendent’s contract. However, it will give the Committee a baseline for the superintendent’s performance and where it needs to improve.

School Committee Vice Chairperson Attorney Paul A. Magliocchetti says the evaluation was difficult complete this year because of the influx of new committee members and because the committee has neither set goals nor performed an evaluation for the past three years. He hopes that the Committee will be able to design its own rubric and set its school year goals going forward.

At-Large Committee Member Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello has not completed her portion of the evaluation, but it is scheduled for review whether the committee receives her section or not.

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