Pridestar Trinity EMS Now Placing Life-Saving Cyanide, ‘Cyno,’ Kits on Ambulances

John Chemaly, co-founder and president of Trinity EMS, left, and David Daly, founder and CEO of PrideStar EMS, when the two firms agreed to merge in 2021. (Courtesy photograph.)

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In an effort to enhance emergency response capabilities and support the efforts of the Haverhill Fire Department, Pridestar Trinity EMS says it is placing cyanide—“Cyno”—kits on its ambulances.

The company says introduction of these kits marks a significant step forward in its commitment to providing comprehensive and efficient emergency medical services. “Cyanide poisoning can occur in various emergency situations, including fires and hazardous material incidents, where rapid intervention is crucial,” Pridestar Trinity EMS reports.

“We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our capabilities to provide the highest level of care to those in need,” says Pridestar Trinity EMS President David T. Daly. “The availability of Cyanide, ‘Cyno,’ kits on scene reaffirms our commitment to proactive emergency preparedness and collaborative teamwork with our firefighting colleagues.”

The kits are specifically designed to equip the company’s emergency medical personnel with the tools and resources needed to effectively manage cyanide poisoning cases on-site. These kits contain specialized antidotes and equipment, enabling teams to initiate life-saving interventions promptly.

Haverhill Fire Chief Robert M. O’Brien welcomed the added service.

“We applaud Pridestar Trinity EMS for their proactive approach in making available the ‘Cyno’ Kits during an incident which may require this treatment. This initiative demonstrates their commitment to supporting our firefighters and the wellbeing of our community members,” O’Brien says.

By making “Cyno” kits available on scene, the company says it aims to complement “the heroic efforts of firefighters and other first responders by offering immediate medical support in cyanide-related emergencies. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the well-being of individuals in our communities and collaborating closely with our emergency response partners.”

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