Merrimack Valley Credit Union to Raise Moyamoya Disease Awareness at Branches Monday

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This coming Monday, May 6, marks the second year of observance of Moyamoya Disease Awareness Day in Massachusetts and Merrimack Valley Credit Union is supporting Credit Unions Kids at Heart, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization, in its efforts to raise awareness throughout the Commonwealth.

Research on Moyamoya, conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital, is one of the fundraising initiatives of Credit Unions Kids at Heart. Merrimack Valley Credit Union is partnering with them to draw attention to this dangerous condition with handouts, in-branch displays and giveaways at all 19 retail branches.

Moyamoya disease is a rare and progressive neurological disease in which the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain narrow, greatly reducing blood flow. “Moyamoya” means puff of smoke in Japanese and describes how the blood vessels look when seen on an X-ray or other medical imaging. If left untreated, it can lead to severe strokes that can cause long-term effects including cognitive and sensory impairments, communication disorders, visual disturbances, behavioral problems, and may even be fatal. People of any age can develop the disease, but diagnosis is more common in school-aged children.

There’s more about Moyamoya disease at the Credit Union Kids at Heart website.

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