K-9 Pasky, Named for Fallen Deputy Sheriff, Joins Department as Comfort Dog

At left, the Essex County Sheriff’s Department has a new comfort dog, named for fallen Deputy Sheriff Anthony “Pasky” Pasquarello. K-9 Pasky is shown with Pasquarello’s mother Norine Pasquarello and Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger. At right, K9 Pasky is shown with his partner Officer Christian Guzman. (Courtesy photographs.)

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department is welcomed a new officer to its ranks—one whose primary job is to provide comfort, care and support to staff.

K-9 Pasky is the department’s new comfort dog, named for fallen Deputy Sheriff Anthony “Pasky” Pasquarello who died of COVID-19 in December 2021.

“The passing of Deputy Pasquarello impacted this department greatly, especially our officers. He was a gentle being and always a friend to many,” Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger said. “We thought it was just so fitting to name our Comfort K-9 in memory of Anthony.”

Deputy Pasquarello’s mother Norine Pasquarello agreed.

“I love that they named him Pasky. To me, it’s like a part of Anthony is still there,” said Norine Pasquarello. “My entire family thinks it’s absolutely wonderful.”

K-9 Pasky will be on shift at all three Sheriff’s Department facilities with his partner, Officer Christian Guzman. K-9 Pasky’s primary duty is to provide correctional officers and other staff a little puppy love to ease the stress of working in a correctional facility.

“Corrections is a demanding profession, requiring extreme dedication in one of the most challenging and stressful roles in law enforcement,” said Coppinger. “Promoting officer wellness is a top priority for our department, and K-9 Pasky will serve an important role in caring for our men and women.”

In addition, Officer Guzman and K-9 Pasky will be available to respond to area communities in times of need. The pair will also attend community events so that K-9 Pasky may share his goodwill with the fine people of Essex County.

“K-9 Pasky’s purpose is to provide support and affection while positively improving the overall well-being of all those around him,” Officer Guzman said. “He loves his job judging by his ever-present big, goofy smile, and the people here look forward to him making his rounds. It’s amazing to see how a little love from a dog can brighten someone’s whole day.”

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