Haverhill High and Trade School Classes of 1961 Plan Fall Reunion; Look for Classmates

Dr. Raymond F. “Toppy” Comeau, 1961 class president and reunion committee chair; Georgia Valhouli and Pam page Traver. (WHAV News photograph.)

(Additional photographs below)

The Haverhill High School and Haverhill Trade School Classes of 1961 are having their 60th reunion this fall and searching for classmates.

Dr. Raymond F. “Toppy” Comeau, class president and reunion committee chair, said the reunion was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but is now set for Wednesday, Sept. 18, noon-4 p.m., at Bradford Country Club, 201 Chadwick Road, Bradford.

“We are in the process of locating our classmates in the Haverhill area and all over the country to let them know about this event, and we are all looking forward to seeing friends that we spent four sparkling years with,” said Comeau following a committee meeting last week. “This is likely to be our last reunion, so we are hoping that many will come.”

Any members of the class of 1961 who would like to attend are invited to email Stu Klotzle at [email protected] and provide address, email and telephone number.

Besides Comeau and Klotzle, committee member includes Dianne Blomquist Faulkner, Georgia Noukas Valhouli, Ann Willett White, Pamela Page Traver, Gail Lightbody Duquette, Robert Cortese, Jean Penta Soucy, Thomas Thornton, George Kirkorian, Joyce Goggin LaRosa, Donna Laratonda Grahan, Robert Graham, Larry Mooers, David Shaw and Duncan “Deke” Farmer.

Haverhill High School Class of 1961 member Dianne Blomquist Faulkner reviews past news articles about her classmates. To the right is fellow committee member Thomas Thornton. (WHAV News photograph.)

Robert Cortese displays his 1961 class yearbook. (WHAV News photograph.)

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