City Clerk Asks Haverhill Residents to Return Annual Street Listing

Haverhill City Clerk Kaitlin M. Wright. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill has mailed its annual census forms to all households and asks residents to complete and return the form to, among other reasons, stay on the voter rolls and help the city estimate future school enrollment.

City Clerk Kaitlin M. Wright said this week residents should review the 2024 Annual Street Listing, make any necessary corrections, sign and return the form to the city clerk’s office as soon as possible.

Wright said the street listing also assists public safety and emergency responders, calculating state and federal aid and representatives and serves as proof of residency for such items as veterans’ benefits, in-state college tuition and more.

Failure to return the census will make individuals inactive on the voter list. Inactive voters must provide identification and complete an affidavit at the polls. Completed forms can be returned by mail, in person in the city clerk’s office or via the drop box on the Main Street side of city hall.

Those who did not receive a census form or moved to Haverhill since Jan. 1 may complete a form online at or obtain one at the city clerk’s office.

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