Annual Heroes and Helpers Program, Supporting Families in Need, Gets $3,000 Boost

Michael Jarvis, center, presents check during a ceremony in front of the Haverhill Police Station with, from left, Deputy Police Chief Stephen J. Doherty Jr., Police Chief Robert P. Pistone and Fire Chief Robert M. O’Brien. (WHAV News photograph.)

(Additional photograph below.)

Haverhill police and firefighters and Pridestar Trinity EMS staff are getting ready to go holiday shopping with children from families in need.

This year’s fifth annual Heroes and Helpers program, taking place Saturday, Dec. 16, received a $3,000 added boost this week when Michael Jarvis of Jarvi Production donated the proceeds of his special edition Haverhill Police and Fire calendars. Haverhill Police Chief Robert P. Pistone says first responders are well familiar with Jarvis’ year-round work.

“A lot of us know him very well. He is a big supporter of the Fire Department, the Police Department. We see him out in the community taking photographs. In this particular case, what Mike Jarvis has done is he sold first responder calendars for the Fire Department, the Police Department.”

Pistone explains how the Heroes and Helpers program works. “Our school resource officers and other officers identify needy children throughout our community who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to get Christmas gifts for themselves or for their families, and we have our first responders—again, this is Haverhill Fire, Haverhill Police, Pridestar Trinity—and we take these children shopping on the 16th and they’re able to choose gifts for themselves, for their family or give otherwise unfortunate children a nice holiday,” he says.

Besides Jarvis’ contribution, Pistone said, the program relies on thousands of dollars in donations from local businesses.

Haverhill Fire Chief Robert M. O’Brien notes the annual shopping trip offers the added benefit of fire responders working tother for a good cause. “They’ve worked on hard on this. They always do. We have a good working relationship with the Police Department and we’re just happy to be involved in it.”

Firefighters Local 10ll President Timothy Carroll adds it’s not just the children that feel good about the event.

“We love this event. This is probably the most rewarding event we do all year. To see those kids, when you shop with those kids, and see how a little bit that you give to them is life-changing to them,” he explains.

This year, the program starts with a gathering at noon, Saturday, Dec. 16, at Haverhill High School.

Haverhill police and firefighters and Pridestar Trinity EMS staff accept donation from Michael Jarvis of Jarvi Productions. (WHAV News photograph.)

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