Groveland Moves its Bylaws Online to Reduce Errors, Increase Access

Groveland Town Hall. (File photograph.)

You’ll know whether you’re naughty or nice this season because Groveland is putting it in writing online.

Town Administrator Rebecca Oldham says the town recently implemented general code online in an effort to update, organize and codify town bylaws. They will now be maintained and managed through an online eCode platform.

Groveland worked with General Code, a third-party platform, to transfer documents and bylaws through the codification process. General Code provided a legal analysis, preliminary draft and final drafts throughout the entire process to ensure accuracy. The Bylaws were then made accessible online here and were unanimously approved and adopted at Town Meeting.

For years, officials say, the town maintained its bylaws through a single document where staff would manually input new information. Over time this process resulted in a number of errors and inconsistencies, making it impossible for staff and constituents to keep up-to-date information.

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