Winter Parking Rules in Effect in Haverhill and Groveland; Methuen Starts Dec. 1

Snowplowing in Haverhill. (Mike Jarvis file photograph for WHAV News.)

Winter parking rules are now, or soon will be, in effect in several area communities, including Haverhill, Methuen and Groveland.

Haverhill’s Winter Overnight Parking Ordinance went into effect last week and will remain through next April 1. For the months of November and December, from 6 p.m.-6 a.m., all vehicles must park on the even side of the street. The side of the street will alternate during other months. Those parking on a street where a no parking restriction is in effect must follow the permanent signage. Those with properly displayed handicapped placards and plates are exempt from the ordinance.

In Methuen, a winter parking ban begins Friday Dec. 1 and remains in effect until April 1. When the ban is being enforced, based on inclement weather and snow removal operations, no vehicles are allowed to park on any roadway between 1 and 6 a.m. Those in violation will be ticketed and their cars subject to being towed.

In Groveland, no vehicles may be parked on any streets or highways between Nov. 15 through March 15, between 1 and 6 a.m. unless otherwise directed by the police chief. Further, no vehicle may be parked or left on any street or highway during an emergency or snow storm. Those parked in violation may either be tagged, moved by or at the direction of a police officer or both. Vehicles will be moved or towed at the expense of the owner.

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