Students, Staff, Public Safety Compete Tomorrow During Pentucket Turkey Toss

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Watch out for that turkey!

Pentucket Regional Middle High School is having its first Turkey Toss tomorrow with students, staff and public safety teams all competing for Turkey Toss trophies.

The event, which concludes the school’s Spirit Week, features three rounds of toss and catch with a 10-pound turkey. Participants will be scored on the farthest throw and a successful catch. Afterward, all turkeys will be donated to a local food pantry following the event.

In the student division, students in grades 9-12 will participate. Each grade will be represented by three teams and each grade will compete against one another. In the staff division, faculty and teachers will compete against one another while representing a certain grade. The points will be given to the grade winning staff members represent.  During the public safety competitions, contenders, including West Newbury police officers, will compete against one another.

The public is invited to watch Tuesday, Nov. 21, from 2:30-4:30 p.m., at Pentucket Stadium, 24 Main St., West Newbury. Music and concessions will be provided.

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