Governor Swears in Methuen’s Karen Frias to Advisory Committee on Women Veterans

Gov. Maura Healey. (Courtesy file photograph.)

A Methuen woman was named Monday to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Women Veterans.

Karen Frias was sworn in by Gov. Maura Healey with Executive Office of Veterans Services Secretary Jon Santiago at the Grand Staircase of the Massachusetts State House. Others sworn in come from across the Commonwealth.

Last May, Healey signed an executive order, reestablishing the 31-member Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services, members of which were also sworn in Monday along with the 17-member Governor’s Advisory Committee on Women Veterans.

“The formation of these advisory bodies underscores our commitment to addressing the crucial needs of our veterans, including women veterans,” said Healey. “Their guidance and expertise will be invaluable as we strive to ensure that the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans are duly recognized and supported.”

The governor’s office said the two boards would be aligned, with the latter working to promote the interests of women veterans, ensuring their needs and rights are prioritized and advocated for within the state.

“These two councils stand as a testament to our continued dedication to recognizing the diverse experiences of our service members, playing a pivotal role in our mission to bolster comprehensive veterans’ services throughout the state,” said Santiago.

The ceremony also featured the “Many Faces of Veterans” exhibit in the Memorial Hall, celebrating the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and invaluable contributions that veterans have made to Massachusetts and the nation.

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