Feds Charge Haverhill Man, 27, With Alleged Cocaine Dealing and Ghost Gun Sales

(File photograph.)

A 27-year-old Haverhill man was one of two arrested Thursday in connection with dealing in cocaine and illegal firearms—including alleged ghost guns—in and around the Boston area.

Cordell Miller of Haverhill and 32-year-old Malcolm Desir of Brockton were each charged with distribution of and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances and conspiracy to do the same, being a felon in possession of a firearm and firearms trafficking. They were arrested and detained following an appearance in federal court.

According to court documents, Miller was identified as a firearms and ammunition trafficker in the metro Boston area. Over a three-month investigation beginning last August, Miller allegedly sold several firearms to a cooperating witness during controlled purchases and offered to sell distribution weight cocaine.

According to an arrest log, Miller was arrested on a warrant by Haverhill Police  around 6:30 a.m., at 85 Evergreen Drive.

Prosecutors say the drug deals were handled by Desir, who distributed the powder cocaine in a number of controlled purchases. During one purchase, Desir also allegedly sold a firearm he had purchased from Miller two years prior. Miller also allegedly arranged the controlled purchase of four firearms—which included two ghost guns, one of which being an assault rifle—directly from one of his sources.

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