Haverhill’s 411 Cares and Eammon’s Heart to Partner on Addiction Awareness and Resources

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Haverhill’s 411 Cares is partnering with Eammon’s Heart to provide comprehensive support, resources, and compassion to individuals and families affected by addiction.

The two nonprofit organizations say they will work together to make Narcan available and provide training in its use to revive overdoes victims; open discussions about addiction, reducing stigma and creating supportive environments for those on the path to recovery; make essential resources easily accessible through helplines, online support forums and informational materials; advocate for policies that support addiction recovery; and raise awareness about the challenges individuals face during their journey to sobriety.

“By combining our strengths, we aim to create a more robust support system for those battling addiction and their families. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community,” said Dee O’Neil, founder of 411 Cares.

Helen D. Sheehan, founder of Eammon’s Heart, added, “Teaming up with 411 Cares allows us to extend our reach and provide even more comprehensive support. Together, we can be a beacon of hope for those in need.”

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