Firefighters Endorse Haverhill Mayoral, City Council Candidates who Support Staffing, More

Local 1011 Union President Timothy Carroll during a 2019 appearance before the City Council. (WHAV News photograph.)

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Haverhill Firefighters Local 1011 have named their slate of candidates the union endorses for mayor and City Council.

The union recommends one person for mayor and six others for City Council. Local 1011 President Timothy Carroll told WHAV why these candidates rose to the top.

“They stand with our issues. They stand with the issues that are important to the citizens of Haverhill. We want the city to move forward in a way that isn’t the same as it was in the past,” he said.

Asked to list those issues, Carroll rattled off firefighters’ biggest concern. “Knowing the need for staffing and knowing the need to keep the staffing once it is in place. That’s a big one, and the recommendations set forth by the study. They all agree that whatever the recommendations are from the study, they want to move the fire department in that direction. That’s important to us because the study was commissioned by the mayor as an attempt to delay what we needed and it actually came back in our favor,” he explained.

The study by the Washington-based Center for Public Safety Management, released in February, also calls for an assistant fire chief; better stations, including a new Broadway-area station; added staffing; a slow-down approach to using civilian dispatchers; newer trucks; and faster response times, especially to outlying areas.

The union said it received more endorsement requests this year than ever before, but it singled out City Councilor Melinda E. Barrett for mayor; re-election of present and past City Councilors Timothy J. Jordan, John A. Michitson, Melissa J. Lewandowski and Colin F. LePage for Haverhill City Council and election of Katrina Hobbs-Everett and Devan Ferreira for City Council.

(Names are listed in ballot order under each campaign)
Barrett, Melinda E.
Cooper, Guy E.
City Council-At Large
Sullivan, Thomas J.
LePage, Colin F.
Simmons, Fred A.
Michitson, John A.
Jordan, Timothy J.
City Council Ward 1
Basiliere, Ralph T.
Veras, Alexander Robert
City Council Ward 2
Sapienza-Donais, Toni
Hobbs Everett, Katrina E.J.
City Council Ward 3
Ferreira, Devan M.
City Council Ward 4
Quimby, Kenneth E.
Lewandowski, Melissa J.
City Council Ward 5
Toohey, Shaun P.
Morales, Michael
City Council Ward 6
McGonagle, Michael S.
Aguilo, Oliver
City Council Ward 7
Rogers, Catherine P.
School Committee-At Large*
Magliocchetti, Paul A.
Rosa, Richard J.
Ryan-Ciardiello, Maura L.
School Committee Ward 1
Diaz, Erica (write-in)
School Committee Ward 2
Sullivan, Gail M.
Sapienza-Donais, Toni
School Committee Ward 3
Dilonex, Liliana
Ferguson, Cheryl A.
School Committee Ward 4
Lalumiere, Mikaela D.
Simmons, Fred A.
School Committee Ward 5
Story, Jill Taylor
Hickey, Lynette
School Committee Ward 6
Pfeil, Chad
Collins, Yonnie
School Committee Ward 7
Grannemann, Thomas W.
Rogers, Hunter Price
* No election in 2023

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