Those 62 and Up May Be Able to Attend Haverhill School Athletic Matches for Free

Mayor James J. Fiorentini, School Committee member Toni Sapienza-Donais and Joy Sapienza participated in the rededication of the Anthony B. Sapienza Memorial Track and Athletic Field at Haverhill High School in 2021. (WHAV News photograph.)

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Restaurant discounts and reduced travel fares are just some of the benefits of becoming a so-called senior citizen. Now, add to that list, free admission to Haverhill school athletic events.

That was the decision of the Haverhill School Committee on Thursday as the result of a proposal by Committee members Gail M. Sullivan and Toni Sapienza-Donais. Donais explained the origin of the idea.

“This was brought to our attention by grandparents and parents that have gone to games in other districts and they do not charge the senior citizens to attend the athletic events,” she said.

For fellow Committee member Richard J. Rosa, the proposal was timely as he and other members of the athletic subcommittee were going to discuss that very issue on Friday.

“We actually have an athletic subcommittee meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning and this is one of the agenda items, as well as a couple of other agenda items,” he said.

Rosa said he is in favor of the idea, but asked if other members would mind if the age for the senior benefit is set at 62, He explained the age would match a gold card issued to seniors years ago and is still being used by some.

He said his subcommittee is considering the idea of reissuing those cards, as it would eliminate forcing some ticket-taker having to ask someone to provide proof of their age to get in. He said the card could also be used at other events as well.

“Maybe not only athletic events, but maybe a high school play or some other event that we might be charging admission to,” Rosa said.

The Committee went ahead and approved it with the understanding that there may be some tweaking based on suggestions of the subcommittee. All committee members voted for the idea except for the self-admitted “oldest man in the room,” Mayor James J. Fiorentini. He said he would rather see the discount go to kids who have little to no personal income.

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