Two Weeks After Taking Pridestar Trinity EMS Lifesaving Course, Man Saves 16-Year-Old Son

Telling the lifesavings story are Pridestar Trinity EMS Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Chris Dick, Director of Clinical Education and Training David Green and Lowell Five Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending. (Courtesy photograph.)

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Just two weeks after taking a lifesaving training class by Pridestar Trinity EMS at Lowell Five, one of the attendees put his newly learned skills to work to save his choking 16-year-old son.

Lowell Five Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending Mark Katimy took part in the recent class given by Pridestar Trinity EMS Director of Clinical Services and Education Dave Green in the bank’s community room.

“The course really made him feel like he would be prepared in any event an incident happened. Who would’ve thought that an event happened in his own home, two weeks later?” a Pridestar Trinity official asked. It was explained, the Katimys called their son to dinner.

“In typical teenage fashion and after the third time giving him a shout out, he came bounding down the stairs. Mark’s son loaded his plate and went back to his room as he was studying for an upcoming test. After about five or 10 minutes his door flew open, and he came running down the stairs grabbing at his throat. Without hesitation Mark jumped into action, instructing another family member to call 911 as he went around the back of his son and started the Heimlich Maneuver thrusts. After a bit of effort, the crisis was averted, and Mark’s son was ok.”

Lowell Five’s Jenna Guilbeault had asked Pridestar Trinity EMS to teach the class and it was offered it to employees at the bank’s Tewksbury headquarters.

“Situations like that can happen at any moment,” Green said with his arm around Katimy, “I’m just glad he was in that class and able to help his family. What an amazing outcome.”

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