Comeau Reflects on Shared Spring Interests Among Humans, Outdoor Friends in ‘Approaching Rabbit’

Eastern Cottontail. (Gareth Rasberry, Creative Commons)

Dr. Raymond F. Comeau, a Haverhill native and poet, notes “Springtime is for birds and flowers, but it is also for humans and rabbits.”

In his “Approaching Rabbit,” Comeau describes a meeting between a human and a rabbit, “to see if there is room for getting along.”

Approaching Rabbit

I saw yesterday through my window
One jump up and another

Run underneath like a clown
Then they frolicked

Around the holly bush
So today before I went in

I took two tiny steps
Toward a rabbit’s black eye

And speckled body
Then stopped

It didn’t move so I took another
Two steps slowly

No movement just a staring
Black eye I waited

Then two more but this time
It scampered about six feet

Away and on to eating
Like me so I went in

© Raymond Comeau August 2021

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