Haverhill Council Approves Equipment for Safer Kayak Launches on the Merrimack River

Kayaks along new dock sections in downtown Haverhill. (Courtesy photograph.)

In an effort to make Haverhill’s waterways more user-friendly, the Haverhill City Council Tuesday approved the purchase of equipment to make kayaking safer on the Merrimack River.

The items, recommended by the Haverhill Harbor Commission, include extension rails to make it easier to port stand up paddleboards, canoes or two-person kayaks, bunk pads which help protect the bottom of some watercraft as well as the port itself and which attaches to floating docks.

In making the recommendations, the Commission said the improvements should assist novice kayakers and those with physical challenges.

Commissioners added other items they hope to take care of this summer are the installation of surveillance cameras, installation of a water hydrant and electrical service adjacent to the municipal dock.

Councilors approved the requests by a vote of 8-0 with Councilor Melissa J. Lewandowski absent.

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