Game Show-Style Program Gives Whittier Tech Juniors ‘ThinkFast’ Safe Driving Lessons

The winning team in the ThinkFast Interactive safe driving program at Whitter Tech were, from left, program host Peter Giamblavo, Jeff Avila, David Beltre, Azel Valdez, Kenny Jimenez and Isaias George, all of Haverhill. (Courtesy photograph.)

Juniors at Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School recently learned about safe driving during a game show-style program.

The junior class participated in the program two weeks ago developed by ThinkFast Interactive and the Department of Transportation and sponsored by Massachusetts State Police. The program helps teens learn about safe driving via a fun, game show-style program that includes various questions on safe driving, multiple-choice questions, video questions and pop culture trivia questions.

“This program truly engaged our juniors and will help create better, safer driving habits in a large number of new drivers in our junior class,” Superintendent Maureen Lynch said.

The event included fun sessions like a dance break, in which Isaias George of Haverhill, Dena Casteris of Ipswich, Adam Segan of Haverhill and Liam Towne of Newbury participated, with George winning a $20 Amazon gift card for being the best dancer.

Other contests included a 20-second “Drop Some Knowledge” challenge, in which contestants had to “drop some knowledge” about what they would say if their father did not believe that using a GPS device while driving was considered distracted driving. Kenny Jimenez, of Haverhill, won that contest.

The contest concluded with a final challenge, featuring the dance contest winner, the 20-second challenge winner, and a member of the top two scoring teams in the overall contest. Finalists were Isaias George, of Haverhill, Jacob Teague, of Georgetown, Tommy Knight, of Haverhill, and Sheayla Capuci, of Salisbury.

George and his team, which also includes David Beltre, of Haverhill, Azel Valdez, of Haverhill, and Jeff Avila, of Haverhill, won a $100 gift card for being the winning overall team.

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