Tomacchio Family Adds Methuen’s Borrelli’s to Food Portfolio; Already Includes STACKS, PAR 28

Donald Smeriglio and Jim Tomacchio complete transaction. (Courtesy photograph.)

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A chance purchase of sandwiches during Superbowl weekend brought together two local restaurant families and assured the continued success of a popular Methuen deli.

Jim Tomacchio and his sons, who own and operate STACKS in downtown Haverhill and recently developed PAR 28 in Salem, N.H., completed the purchase Monday of Borrelli’s Italian Deli, 322 Merrimack St., in Methuen. Borrelli’s Donald Smeriglio told WHAV Tomacchio’s son Paul stopped in to buy food. Smeriglio casually remarked that his father once mentioned having an interest in buying the shop and the time could be right.

“His eyes just totally lit up. I’m serious—dead, dead serious. His eyes lit up and, he goes, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m dead serious Paul. He goes ‘Well, I’m going to see all my brothers and my father this weekend for Superbowl and I’m going to talk about it,’” Smeriglio recalled.

In the “It Was Meant to Happen” category, it turns out Paul’s very first job in high school was working for Borrelli’s Italian Deli.

The elder Tomacchio said he is committed to the traditions that made Borrelli’s popular.

“As far as the food, it’s staying the same. Will we put a little bit of a thumbprint on certain things? Yes, but we’re not touching the sausage. That’s going to be exactly the same,” he said.

In fact, Tomacchio added, everything will remain familiar.

“So, all the staff is going to be here. The same people who have been waiting on people are going to continue. The name is staying the same,” he said.

One change, however, may be the addition of Sunday hours and longer weekday hours.

Besides its signature sausage offerings, Borrelli’s Italian Deli offers daily lunch specials, meals to go and catering.

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