Bradford Village Square Tries New Approach to Adding Brunch Cocktails; Back to City Hall in May

Bradford Village Square Manager Robert LaPierre before the Haverhill License Commission April 6. (WHAV News photograph.)

(Additional photograph below.)

It may soon be possible to order a Mimosa or Bloody Mary with Sunday brunch at a longtime dining spot in Central Square, Bradford, despite a hiccup along the way.

Earlier this month, Bradford Village Square Manager Robert LaPierre’s idea to simply add beer, wine, cordials and liqueur to his menu was put on hold for further review. He initially sought just a limited license with the additional drinks as other communities allow. Haverhill License Commissioner Laura Angus, however, delivered sour news.

“The cordials and liqueur addition is not available in the City of Haverhill because we never accepted that provision of the chapter (of state law),” she said.

Angus suggested the restaurant owner swap out his request for just a beer and wine license or, alternatively, a full alcohol license. LaPierre told commissioners he preferred to hold out in hopes the city would navigate toward accepting the expanded state law.

I can’t make enough money. I’m not an alcoholic base. I’m not a bar. I’m a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch and, occasionally someone will come in, they would want a beer. Sometimes, on a Sunday, they might want a little Baileys in your coffee,” he explained.

LaPierre went on to say the higher cost of the All Alcoholic beverage license, combined with possibly higher liability insurance costs, would be prohibitive.

Angus, joined by Commission Chairman Joseph C. Edwards and Commissioner Patrick J. Driscoll tabled the matter to determine the method of pursuing approval of the state law allowing an expanded beer and wine license.

LaPierre, however, continued his own research and learned insurance costs won’t be as bad as he thought. He is preparing an application for a full liquor license for the 109 S. Main St., Haverhill, location and expects to appear before commissioners again on Thursday, May 4.

Bradford Village Square, 109 S. Main St., Haverhill. (WHAV News photograph.)

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