Poet Comeau Writes, ‘Springtime Isn’t Roses For Ukrainians’

Wheat crop in Spasov village, Rovno oblast, Ukraine. (Photograph by Liilia Moroz . Creative Commons.)

Spring arrived yesterday afternoon at 5:24 and, while it brings happiness to many, Dr. Raymond F. Comeau, a Haverhill native and poet, wonders aloud how Ukrainians cope after more than a year of war.

Comeau, who says the suffering in Ukraine still deserves special mention, offers his latest poem, “Springtime Isn’t Roses For Ukrainians.”  He notes, “All of this does not destroy an appreciation of the scent of spring. Humankind has always been able to find a place for this during periods of stress.”

Now of Belmont, Comeau is a retired dean and current lecturer at Harvard University Extension School. He is also a trustee, emeritus, of the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace in Haverhill.

Springtime Isn’t Roses For Ukrainians

What does it feel like
Being Ukrainian
After Putin’s eternal winter
Of unnameable wrongs
I tried an experiment in my room
By lifting my shade and looking out
Then imagining a suitable scene
Like row upon row
Of tiniest feet and hands
Arms and legs
And other parts equally loved
All planted there in a garden
Replacing my lawn
Normally I’m counting daffodils
And crocuses coming up
But if I’m Ukrainian
It’s slaughtered innocents
How will they ever grow

© Raymond Comeau March 2023

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