On One-Year Anniversary of Ukraine Invasion, Poet Comeau Sees Another Way

The Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva was sunk on April 14, 2022, reportedly after being hit by two Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles. (Creative Commons. Mil.ru.)

This Friday marks one year since Russia invaded its neighbor, Ukraine, resulting in 7,199 civilian deaths, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The numbers, compiled as of Feb. 12, 2023, include 438 children. Ukraine became independent in 1991 along with all other former Soviet Socialist Republics following the Belovezh Accords, which declared that the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

As he has in the last year, Dr. Raymond F. Comeau, a Haverhill native, takes a step back to visualize an alternative with his latest poem, “Ukrainians in my House.”

(a war-time fantasy)

Ukrainians In My House

Are trying on winter clothes
Making meals in the kitchen
Copious with food
And sleeping peacefully in my bed

So when missiles maybe tanks
Blast their tranquil homes
Leaving rubble and wounded children
Screaming for help

They will be ready
(Be sure of that)
With armaments for the cause
To vanquish

© Raymond Comeau January 2023

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