Sen. DiZoglio and Rep. Minicucci Give Their Legislative Farewells

Sen. Diana DiZoglio, left, and rep, Christina A. Minicucci. (WHAV News photographs.)

Sen. Diana DiZoglio and Rep. Christina A. Minicucci said their legislative farewells this week to the applause of their colleagues.

DiZoglio, who won her bid to become state auditor, was joined by four other retiring senators Monday in Chambers.

“It has been a huge honor for a kid like me from Methuen and Lawrence to have had the honor of being able to utilize a seat in this chamber to speak my heart alongside of champions for causes ranging from education to climate change. You’ve all taught me so much. Not just about policies but about the peoples you’ve served. I could say great things about every single person in this chamber, but I’m going to spare you,” she said.

DiZoglio, however, singled out for praise Sen. Marc R. Pacheco, dean of the Senate, for helping her “navigate procedures and processes;” Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr, for “lending support and wisdom;” Sen. Paul Feeney, for “sharing and speaking out alongside of me about being raised by a single mom;” Sens. Julian Cyr and Adam Gomez, for “keeping things real;” Sen. Lydia Edwards, for “viewing fire as a means to shine bright light rather than just a means to burn things down;” and Sen. Anne Gobi, who she described as among “women (who) break glass ceilings and reach back to actively pull other women through.”

Next door in the House, Rep. Minicucci said she put reproductive health care first on her list when she first ran for office. “I knew that reproductive health care and gender-affirming care were all going to be at risk here and across America. I was proud to be part of this body when the leadership brought the ROE Act forward and being quick to act,” she said.

Other priorities, she added, were “protecting the Merrimack River…taking a strong look at how Massachusetts treats our immigrant neighbors… (and) leveling the educational playing field at all levels.” Minicucci said she got everything done on her wish list.

On the other hand were challenges not on her list, such as the Columbia Gas explosions and COVID-19 outbreak. She thanked her local colleagues comprising the Merrimack Valley delegation. “We are small, we are scrappy and we are the best. We are the best delegation, but they are true public servants,” she said.

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