Careers in Intelligence or Security Get a Boost From Northern Essex and UNH Partnership

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines spoke with high school students attending the National Student Leadership Conference on Intelligence and National Security at American University this past July 16. (Courtesy photograph.)

Students seeking a career in intelligence or security are expected to benefit from a new partnership between Northern Essex Community College and the University of New Hampshire.

The federal Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently designated UNH as a national Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence and established the Northeast Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence. The consortium includes Northern Essex Community College, Howard University, College of Mount Saint Vincent and University of Massachusetts Lowell.

“Northern Essex is honored to have been selected by UNH to join them in the establishment of the Northeast Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence,” said Northern Essex Provost Paul Beaudin. “As the only community college in this group of graduate-level institutions, our inclusion is peer recognition of the rigor and quality of our academic programs and our commitment to the diversification of our regional and national workforce.”

Over 10 years, UNH will distribute $2.5 million to develop intelligence-related curricula, workshops, simulations, conferences and seminars at partner institutions. At Northern Essex, this work will include creating a new National Intelligence and Security Certificate program. It will also provide a wide range of transfer opportunities.

The Center aims to bring together culturally, ethnically, academically and geographically diverse students to pursue national security and intelligence-related careers. Professor James Ramsay of the Security Studies Department at UNH said the initiative’s focus is to broaden students’ capacity for critical thinking, communication, and analysis of national security threats.

Northern Essex Community College offers an associate degree in Criminal Justice and a Law Enforcement Certificate program.

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